Reconciliation as the Final Stage of Conflict Resolution

Oberpfalzerová Hana


The aim of this synoptic article is to provide the reader with a basic
understanding of the issue of reconciliation after open armed conflict. We
shall mention the most significant concepts, theories and authors in this field;
however, the article does not and cannot cover all concepts in great detail due
to restricted space. The article is divided into three parts, which consecutively
answer the following three questions: what is the role of reconciliation in the
process of conflict resolution and in the prevention of further conflicts? What
are the definitions of reconciliation, and what are its various concepts and
dimensions? What are the mechanisms that lead to reconciliation, and what
are the obstacles that this process faces? The discussed literature concentrates
on the role of reconciliation in violent, protracted and intractable conflicts. The
article itself falls under the category of peace and conflict studies, in the field
of conflict resolution and of the so-called peace psychology.


conflict; reconciliation; peace psychology; conflict resolution, intractable conflicts

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Vydání: 15, 2013, 3