Verbuč David


When studying how rock, punk, and similar cultures relate to place,
scholars tend to focus on local scenes (and on concerts as constitutive events
that establish the rock music community). When they do consider translocal
connections, they mostly discuss non-face-to-face relations, for instance, as
enacted through printed or electronic media. In this paper, by ethnographically
examining the interpersonal dynamics of several case studies, I demonstrate
that the music community of DIY (do-it-yourself) participants in
the US is constituted in large part through face-to-face interaction, not only
in local places (through the interaction of DIY participants both within and
between music venues), but in translocal space (through touring, and similar
traveling practices), as well. Local participants depend on translocal touring
participants (who generate flows of ideas, sounds, objects, and people), and
the translocal participants depend on their local compatriots (who provide
places at which to play, or sleep). Local DIY places, especially DIY participants’
houses, play a significant role in this dialectic as items of reciprocal
exchange within the translocal “network of friends/favors.” In addition, they
also function as places of ‘intimacy,’ in the local context as sites for small and
‘intimate’ concerts, and translocally as places for hosting touring musicians
as houseguests. DIY places/houses thus contribute to an experience of closeness
and to the transformation of fans to friends for the DIY participants. In
the first part of the paper, I examine the establishment of local and translocal
DIY ‘communities’ through the social practice of touring (culture as travel).
In this section, I also briefly discuss historical and geographical factors, and
consider the dimensions of race, gender, and sexuality in the American DIY
touring experience. In the second part, I subsequently observe the aspects
and particular characteristics of DIY touring practices themselves (travel as
culture), and how they reflect and generate DIY values and politics.


music and place/space; music and mobility; social construction of a ‘community;’ American DIY cultures, and DIY touring

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Vydání: 17, 2015, 2