Application of the Concepts of Place in Anthropology and in Related Sciences

Okénková Věra


In the last few decades of the 20th century, the social sciences and
the humanities were influenced by an emergence of geographical terms – place
and space. This change in the paradigm, known as the spatial turn, represents
a very popular approach in contemporary history, sociology, philosophy
and anthropology, as well. But does anthropological research sufficiently
profit from the concepts of place and space? Focusing on place, this article
shows that these concepts allow anthropology to analyse not only material,
functional or symbolic meaning, but they also enable one to treat the overlaps
to broader and more abstract research questions stemming from different
subdisciplines. The aim of this article is not to give an exhaustive overview
of all of the theories and publications pursuing the term space, but rather to
provide a possible insight to this issue and to show how appropriate it can be
for anthropological research.


place; space; spatial turn; places of memory; anthropological places; places and non-places

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Vydání: 17, 2015, 3