Urban Exploration in a Post-industrial Metropolis

Šimová Terézia


This text deals with the urban phenomenon known as urban exploration
which has been studied in the teritory of Bratislava metropolis. The
aim of this study was to describe how urban explorers understand, define
and record the explored urban environment and also how they shape relationship
to specific spaces of the city and city areas. The crucial part of this
text consist of an analysis of ethnographic interviews with urbexers from
Bratislava. Method of analysis was inspired by grounded theory by adding
new dimension characteristic for urban exploration – self-identification and
perception of public and private space in the metropolis. The text shows that
the practice of urban exploration leads to the development of urban awareness
and reinvisioning of the postmodern metropolis.


urban exploration; urban space; urban awareness

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Vydání: 18, 2016, 1