Fedyuk Olena


This study focuses on the paths to regularization of Ukrainian
migrants in Italy. Qualitative in its method and relying on in-depth semi-structured
interviews, it uncovers in depth the fragmentation of status and rights that
the process of regularization often brings, focusing specifically on the individual
costs of “becoming regular.” The study subsequently looks at the emerging compensating
mechanisms and networks that are developed by migrants in place of
institutional dead-ends. Legality and regularity in migration – often presented
in policy and public debates as a black and white matter – are in practice
a complex and lengthy process for migrating individuals. The study makes its
contribution by examining how individual migrants often individually shoulder
costs linked to regularization, utilizing a combination of formal and informal
means to achieve it. Most importantly, the study’s contribution highlights the
role of age, gender and type of employment on the paths to regularity; by looking
at the experiences of ageing women providing care and domestic work in private
homes in Bologna I explore how age and individual relations with their families
back at home and at work affect the meaning of regularization for this category
of migrants and influence their prospects of ageing.


domestic work; care labour; ageing; regularisation; Ukraine

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Vydání: 18, 2016, 2