The Changes in the Brno’s Zábrdovice District – T he Possibilities of Integration in the Process of Gentrification

Brožovičová Klára


The aim of this article is to explain the process of the current gentrification
in this socially excluded urban area in Brno, Czech Republic. The
article summarizes the findings of long-term research conducted in the years
2008–2015. The text briefly describes the history of this city locality in the
19 th and 20 th centuries, and the circumstances of its current gentrification.
Furthermore, the article analyses the past gentrification processes and their
trigger factors. The so-called “actor-centered approach” was chosen as a suitable
method of analyzing the current gentrification process. According to this
approach, four interest groups active in the development of the area were
identified: (1) the original populace of the location, (2) the “gentrifies” – newcomer
residents, (3) NGOs active in the area, and finally (4) the authorities
of the city of Brno. The social process of gentrification has been analyzed
through the goals and strategies of each of the four interest groups, and their
respective impacts on the processes of the integration or the exclusion of local
socially disadvantaged inhabitants.


gentrification; Romani; social exclusion; integration

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Vydání: 19, 2017, 1