Fialka Jiří


The submitted article provides inquiry into the role of popular culture
in the everyday life of Slušovice – the socialist “center municipality” and
extraordinary isle of prosperity in the scarce economy of Czechoslovakia in the
1970s and 1980s. It presents research on the popular culture of the formative
political environment of state socialism. The urbanisation and suppression of
traditional culture in this village was not isolated from the broader context,
but was derived from the economic transformation of the local collective farm
and its symbolic differentiation from socialism. In these intentions, the study
tries to expand the specific dimensions of the emergent popular culture with
its emphasis on huge cultural events, showing the hybridity of social life in
Slušovice, which was created by the combination of rural transformation and
consumer culture.


Slušovice collective farm; popular culture; everyday life; state socialism

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Vydání: 19, 2017, 2