The Origins of the Large Dictionary of Sociology (Velký sociologický slovník) – Memories of the Editor

Vodáková Alena


The Large Dictionary of Sociology (Velký sociologický slovník in
Czech), published as a book in 1996, represents the monumental work of Czech
sociology that originated in the late 1980s and early 1990s at the Sociological
Institute of the Czechoslovak/Czech Academy of Sciences. The dictionary
has 2,350 text and 1,860 referential entries, as well as 2,700 biographical
appendices. 260 authors, who were not only sociologists, played a role in its
creation. To this day, the dictionary has not only historical significance, proving
how advanced the contemporary community of academic social sciences
in Czechoslovakia was, and yet which also pointed out its weaknesses, but it
also has a factual significance, since no comparable or even similarly extensive
Czech encyclopedia of social sciences has been elaborated since, and most
likely shall not be elaborated in the near future. This article, written by one of
the main editors of the dictionary (other editors included Jiří Linhart, Hana
Maříková, and Miloslav Petrusek), is a recollection of the complex creation
of the work at the turn of the eras of late “normalization” and the early
transformation, as well as of each of the authors and other collaborators who
helped the book originate. It is a significant contribution to understanding
the history of Czech sociology in the 20 th century.


Velký sociologický slovník; sociology – encyclopedia; sociology – dictionary; Czech sociology; sociology – history of

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Vydání: 19, 2017, 3