The Social Position of Roma Pupils at Prestige Elementary School

Vorlíček Radek


This article focuses on the social position of Roma pupils at Prestige
Elementary School, whose pupil population is predominantly homogeneous
in terms of ethnicity and class. Special attention is paid to the boundary
constructions within the groups of children. Drawn from an ethnographic
study, data shows that in the school classroom, there is a strong feeling of
dislike among the pupils of different ethnic groups. In addition, the article
implicitly points out the factors that influence the ethnic and membership
identity of Roma pupils within the particular context of Prestige School. To
some degree, the text also offers new insight into the limits of the school success
of Roma children.


educational settings; Roma pupils; social exclusion; social distance; bullying; identity; stereotype

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Vydání: 19, 2017, 3