Polite Speech Habitus as Socio-cultural Regulator of Social Network. Searching for a Linguistic Anthropological Definition of Speech Politeness and its Functional Range

Slowik Miroslav


The article aims to monitor the functional range of communication
and speech based on the essence of language markets in geographically and
politically different social configurations. Speech behavior, which is part of all
human interaction with other people, is a very broad phenomenon, and one of
its modularities is the specific area that we call speech courtesy or politeness.
Speech politeness is one of the characteristics of human behavior in society,
and arises from the need to respond to the structure of this society, to relationships
between individuals, to social stratification, and to archetypal standards
of behavior; all of this is then reflected in the language by coded entities that
reveal trends in social mobility, as well as in the type of social modalities of
linguistic ethnicity. However, this is not just a phenomenon that arises as
a reaction, reflecting the aforementioned cultural and social facts in merely
one way; it is also a phenomenon that shapes and maintains the structure
of society, its stratification, and the relationships between individuals itself.
Speech politeness is thus an immanent part of all linguistic behavior of man,
and one can observe its characteristic aspects, which are either i) common
for the studied linguistic communities or ii) different, which then appear as
distinctive features of two culturally linguistic formulas.


politeness; regulative function; verbal behavior; evaluative mechanism

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Vydání: 19, 2017, 3